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Bryan Susilo and Patricia Susilo partnership is a living proof of Combined efforts that bring a lot of success

Bryan Susilo and Patricia Susilo

Everyone works for success but not each one of them achieves it. However if people work in groups for a common goal, getting success becomes a lot easier. Each one of the group member helps each other and sort out problems together to bring out the best result for them.

This strategy can work for everyone just like it worked for Patricia Susilo and Bryan Susilo for their career as business entrepreneurs in Property Investments. Both of them started working from a very early age and both of them gained a lot of experiences which helped them in their quest for being entrepreneurs.

Their experience made them so capable that by the age of 18, both of them had collected 10+ properties throughout Perth’s metropolitan areas. After this achievement, Bryan took Property investment full time which brought him a lot of success. On the other hand, Patricia is today working in a corporate role at National Bank of Australia. Both of their success stories are fine example for the younger generation to pursue working for their passions.